Aeration and Fertilization

Improve the growth of the grasses, vegetation and make your lawn picturesque with effective aeration and fertilization services from our landscaping company.

Lawn aeration at least once every two years is extremely important to open the soil, besides facilitating the entry of water and nutrients inside the ground. Aeration procedures reduce the buildup of thatch while relieving the compaction of soil, extremely important. Our services help to recycle the nutrients, water and air flow to the root system present underground. This way, it is possible to rejuvenate grass and the roots will go deeper than before.

We help to transform your lawn into something greener and deeper adding to the health and overall well-being of your outdoor vegetation. We use the highest quality of core aerators when application of optimal hydraulic pressure to remove effective core length. Our high quality lawn revival services are extremely popular in our operating area. In order to ensure the best services to our clients we may decide to cut and trim the lawn prior to aeration.

  • stimulate the root growth
  • make the most of growing season
  • allow the lawn to breathe

Our expert services in this regard achieves all this and more for our clients. Aeration tines will penetrate soil, ejecting cores on turf surface. This in turn finds use as productive top-dressing. Semi-annual aeration is adequate most lawns but you must go for our services once biannually. Otherwise, the health of your outdoors will suffer.

Some of the main benefits associated with our aeration services are as follows:

  • control thatch with our aeration services, for the root system of plants and grasses this proves to be less destructive


  • relieve the lawn compaction successfully


  • the mechanical process will remove lawn cores, stimulating root growth


  • plugs decompose gradually leaving behind crucial nutrients for the soil and vegetation to use


Lawn fertilization services

We wish to achieve the best result for your landscape and as such use only the highest quality of fertilizer in keeping with the plant species. For our customers nothing but the professional grade products will do. These contain well-balanced content of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Our aim is to ensure that the plant growth is both strong and healthy. Many times, we also use time released granular treatment as this prevents the burning of your lawn in any way. We ensure well-balanced applications of fertilizers at all times all through the year. This promotes thick and dense growth with an effective resistance against weed invasion and various diseases. We combine this with proper irrigation and mowing to ensure the best results for our clients. In general, the lawns require higher degrees of fertilizers especially those rich in nitrogen. We look into the needs of our clients to ensure the best results.

  • optimal appearance and health
  • reduced strength but frequent applications for year round green landscape
  • custom blending of fertilizers for desired results in particular situation
  • use of organic fertilizers as a part of our sustainable practices whenever possible

In order to ensure optimal plant growth and highest level of satisfaction we combine the fertilization processes with seeding and aeration. According to our experts, this kind of combinations tends to provide the most fruitful results. Due to our aeration processes, loosening of soil occurs. As a result, the roots of new plant will get adequate room for growth. Early fall/late summer is the time for over seeding as one can avoid the drought and the incessant summer heat. At this time, new seedlings need not compete with germinating weeds common in the spring months. The seedlings will get cool temperature that facilitates growth and during winter, they will strengthen the roots. We prefer fertilizer application combined with heavy watering post over-seeding and fertilization. We undertake this because it stimulates the growth of root. For us the optimal fertilizing time is during the fall and winter months.

To know more about our aeration and fertilization services call the experts today and let us help you get the garden you always dreamt off.