Lawn Installation

Lawn Installation and Maintenance

Installation of lush lawn is hard work and requires much dedication but you can depend upon our landscaping company for such expert services.

We not only build it from scratch, but also help to maintain it long-term. Our professional team of expert landscapers can create a lush garden from almost nothing. If you want, we can do this the traditional way right from seed germination to complete beautification. However, if you feel that time is short, and you desire faster results, do not worry. For instant gratification of clients, we use sod.

With proper landscaping, you can increase yard living spaces and add as much beauty as possible. Durable lawns last many years but this involves loads of planning for long-term benefits. Successful results depend upon a variety of factors namely,

  • Your requirements from the lawn
  • Reasons behind landscaping requirement
  • New lawn care regime

The installation process involves consideration of existing conditions to plan the appropriate strategy. Soil amendment, grading, and cultivation will follow this. Finally, it is the installation process involving the new lawn. We will evaluate the soil condition, available sunlight and the watering practices in various lawn areas. Based upon this we will select the approach that best suits your lawn renovation and installation project. Some of the major installation options available for home and the commercial scenarios are as follows.

  • Hydro seeding: this method is ideal for installation of brand-new lawns in areas with bare earth. The major requirements are satisfactory existing grade soil depth and quality. In case of uneven terrain and new terrain, our company also offers site preparation services. This includes achievement of proper drainage through sub grading, finished grading, and screened topsoil installation.


  • Sod installation: Bluegrass sod offers instant results. Anytime during growing season it is possible to install sod. Without the presence of consistent watering though, it is difficult for this to thrive. Other than that, it also requires ongoing maintenance and adequate amounts of sunlight. This facilitates growth. We do not recommend this installation for non-irrigated and shady sites.


  • Power seeding: for spotty, thin and damaged areas related to your yards, we often recommend this extremely scientific and efficient option. The only requirements for successful results are satisfactory soil depth and grade. After effective core aeration, it is possible to power seed specific problematic areas or the entire lawn expanse effectively. Power seeding is through grass seed premium quality blend, suited to specific site situations. Thinner areas receive seed applications on the heavy side.


Our professionals have 100% commitment to positive results in every project that we take up. We understand that green healthy lawns do not develop by magic. This is never an overnight job. Any newly seeded lawn requires an adequate time to transform into turf grass with a dense stand. In order to ensure the best results for our clients we are quite dependent upon continued maintenance, regular watering, and proper mowing. Our work continues even after sod installation and seeding to confirm satisfaction and effective result evaluation.

Lawn Maintenance Services

We take into account the goal and targets of our clients when considering the most effective maintenance plans. It can be weekly care cutting, bed maintenance monthly planting, fall, spring cleanups, or turf fertilizing; we have something to cover for you. We offer a full menu of options that beautify the commercial or residential properties optimally. You and your family can now enjoy more enjoyable and relaxing weekends as we free up the time for you. We will slog on your behalf to ensure the most optimal results fast.

Besides this, we also have scheduled fertilization at regular intervals with insect and weed control. Our aim is to ensure a thriving lawn for our clients. The major maintenance services that we provide include,

  • Spring cleanup
  • Bed preparation, annual planting
  • Mulching
  • Routinely scheduled lawn care
  • Trimming and mowing
  • Turf fertilizing in spring and more